Success Stories

Aliesha Pillai
Batch of 2021

"proof of the pudding is in the eating"

The primary teacher training course is much more than a diploma. I strongly recommend this course to everyone who has a passion for kids and parenting as it gives you the opportunity to learn and explore everything you need to know about nurturing a child. Ladies College IPS has the perfect environment for this!

Iroshinee Weerasekara
2020/2021 batch

I am pleased to say that I could follow a one year Diploma Course in Executive Secretaries & PAs at the Ladies’ College Institute of Professional Studies(LCIPS) with the support of excellent teachers named, Madam Dayanthi Aluwihare & Madam Malathi Algama.

Teaching methods of both teachers are very clear and easy to understand. They helped us to learn not only the syllabus but also the language too. They clarify the queries very clearly during the classes or by taking their own time after the sessions.

I think that the Diploma Course would benefit both our career and personal development too.

Therefore, I am grateful LCIPS provided us this opportunity to learn and wish good luck to conduct these types of courses in future.

Lakmini Buddhadasa
Batch of 2018

I’m happy to report that I couldn’t have made a better choice starting this course. The courses were so thorough that the opportunities were given to the students to visit and observe several other pre-schools and main schools in order for us to get a hands-on approach to teaching. This was very helpful for us even when it came to applying for job opportunities. The faculty were knowledgeable, approachable, and quite skillful. They themselves were past teachers. The seeds of where I am today have been planted there and I am grateful for that. The Preschool Teacher Training Course is a fantastic program that truly changed my career trajectory for the better!

Rishma Nilamdeen (PTTC Batch 2016)

I am writing this letter with great joy to thank you for the amazing opportunity that your ‘Diploma in Preschool and Sub-primary Education’ has opened up for me. After pursuing two years of teaching at a leading International School in Colombo, a job I was offered straight after the course, I decided I wanted to further my studies and applied for a B.A in ‘English Language and Teaching’ at the Metropolitan College. I was ecstatic to find that , with the Diploma and teaching experience I had, I would get an exemption from doing the HND/first two years of the Degree , and be able to go straight through to the final year of the B.A.

No words are enough to express how thankful I am for your institution, the Course, and to the amazing teachers, Ms Romola De Mel, Ms Soharnee Walpita and everyone else, who had helped me to get to where I am today.

A daughter of one of the minor staff at Ladies’ College studied English on a scholarship at the IPS. She then enrolled for a Secretarial Diploma Course, and, because of her proficiency in English and training in secretarial skills, was employed as a junior secretary in the corporate sector. Niluka Damayanthi from Monaragala and Sanduni from Matara were recommended to the IPS by the Shilpa Girls Home and were granted scholarships to study English at the IPS. The friendly and qualified staff of the IPS helped, encouraged and coached them, and their English improved dramatically. Niluka was employed at IPS and added value to the institute during her tenure of service. Sanduni after having successfully completed the course at IPS, is now employed at a leading Bank in the country. Niluka and Sanduni’s story are only a few among many. The IPS is an institute dedicated to empowering such students by giving them opportunities that they otherwise would not have dreamed of. Many students like these have benefited by the scholarships granted by the IPS to further their studies enabling them to secure suitable employment and thus giving them the opportunity to look forward to a bright future.