About this course

Since its inception, LCIPS has conducted Secretarial Courses and has gained a reputation over the years for successfully passing out many highly trained professionals to the work force. Executive secretaries or executive administrative assistants are required to support senior personnel in businesses and organizations by performing clerical and organizational tasks. Our Diploma program will allow candidates to develop the requisite office technology, computer application and customer services skills needed for these positions.

Course Details

 Duration: 1 Year

 Commencement: March 2024

 Day: Saturday

 Time: 8.00 am – 2:00 pm

Entry requirement  English placement test

Business Administration

  • Role of a Secretary
  • Qualities and ethics of Secretaries
  • Business administration
  • Customer service
  • Managing meetings
  • Time management skills
  • Business etiquette and social behavior
  • Public relations

Business Communication (Written & Spoken)

  • Letters, emails, memos, notices
  • Meeting documents
  • Interactive activities for improving vocabulary, reading and comprehension
  • Remedial grammar
  • Skill in Power Point Presentations
  • Report writing

Ms. Malathi Algama
Ms. Dayanthi Aluwihare

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